The Camping and Caravanning Club Photographic Section (Photogroup) is a Special Interest Section for members with an interest in photography at all levels of skill and experience. Novices and experienced photographers are welcome to join the Section and we particularly seek to encourage the contribution and involvement of young members and families.

Now entering its 81st year of the Section the Management Committee (Council) is seeking to build upon established activities in order to offer a more wide ranging programme of activities and information which will engage younger members, new members and families in order to ensure ongoing sustainability of the Section.

Why should I/we join the Photographic Section?

You will effectively enjoy the benefits of camera club membership with a far more informal, flexible and friendly experience. You may be a novice who requires some friendly tuition and advice or a more experienced photographer willing to compete with other like minded members. You may be a young member keen to learn and experience digital image editing skills and techniques. You may hold photographic distinctions and/or be a professional photographer willing to advise and share your skills with others. All skill levels are encouraged and welcomed.

Overall as a Section we seek to provide monthly (March to October) camping Meets in interesting and varied locations (including some Club sites). These are run by volunteer Stewards from 2pm on a Thursday until 12noon on the following Tuesday – the weekend allowing those with work/school commitments to attend. Occasionally the Meets programme may include a Temporary Holiday Site (over a longer period). Each Meet includes daily coffee mornings for informal information exchange and development of friendships. Evening photographic talks are also arranged with objective of improving and sharing photographic knowledge. The location of each Meet will include several photographic opportunities and places of interest to visit. Going forward we seek to introduce more family orientated content but at the moment we need further willing volunteers to achieve this (see below).

There are opportunities to share your prints with fellow members using both postal portfolios for prints  and a shortly to be released Flickr group for digital images. Both options allow members to gain helpful and friendly critique of their photographs.

There are two main events within the Annual Meets programme:

  • The Festival of Photography and Photographic Section AGM (during Spring Bank Holiday)
    • Daily photographic and craft workshops
    • A competition (battle) between Photographic Section and two Camera Clubs local to the event. All members are at liberty to submit images for consideration of selection.
    • The Annual General Meeting of the Section receiving reports and election of Council
  • The Annual Exhibition (during August Bank Holiday)
    • Members may submit digital images and prints for judging and awards by an external judge
    • This includes a “younger member” section

Recruitment – can you please help?

At present the Photographic Section sees a smallish proportion of its 500 plus members at Meets.

The Management Committee (Council) is under resourced since the 2016 AGM with some members undertaking two roles.

There is a consistent and reliable core of volunteer Stewards for Meets but any unplanned absence/illness places stress on these valued volunteers.

The age profile of most current volunteers is in the “retired” category (not untypical of C&CC membership) but with current levels of resourcing the sustainability of the Section is very evidently at risk.

New volunteers are urgently needed to  both undertake small short term tasks, Steward at Meets and to shadow existing Council roles ready to take over when a need arises.

If you are willing to help or have any suggestions in this respect please email now: volunteer@photogroup.co.uk.